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Custom Foot Orthotics in Chestermere From The Orthotic Group

Vantage Integrative Health + Wellness has partnered up with The Orthotic Group to give our patients more options to enhance their health and lifestyle with custom foot orthotics in Chestermere. Custom mechanics are biomechanical devices that are fabricated to treat a wide number of foot imbalances and conditions. They can reduce the stress and strain on your body by helping bring your feet back into their proper alignment. They fit into your shoe like an insole, but with the advantage of being custom-designed from a precision impression of your feet.

How Do They Help?

Custom orthotics restore natural balance and encourage normal movement patterns, which also helps to reduce pain and discomfort. The Orthotic Group designs comfortable and innovative orthotics that are comfortable to wear and can suit any lifestyle needs. These orthotics gently assist in addressing problems associated with pressure points, muscle strains and abnormal forces on the ankles, feet, hips, knees and spine.

How Do I Know If I Have a Problem?

Some symptoms of poor foot biomechanics include one or more of the following:


Localized foot pain


Hammer toes

Heel pain

Knee pain

Hip or lower back pain

To find out if orthotics can improve your health, call us in Chestermere to set up an examination. We’ll provide a full examination and gait analysis to determine if orthotics can improve your health. We offer a wide range of functional orthotics to fit any lifestyle, including orthotics for sports, running, ski boots, skates, and cleats.

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