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Professional Contemporary Medical Acupuncture in Chestermere

Contemporary medical acupuncture is a precise nerve stimulation technique in which fine solid needles are inserted into neuro-reactive anatomical sites and stimulated manually or with electricity for the purpose of modulating pain and other dysfunctions. At Vantage Integrative Health + Wellness in Chestermere we offer r contemporary medical acupuncture which stimulates the nervous system to set the body’s natural healing mechanisms into action. Contemporary acupuncture applies evidence-based concepts of traditional acupuncture to relieve pain, alter movement patterns as well as improve performance.

The scientific benefits of acupuncture include: pain relief, inflammation reduction, improved blood flow, stress reduction, improved nerve conduction, improved range of motion; it can help also improve organ function. Acupuncture is a safe and effective method of treatment and the majority of patients feel minimal to no discomfort when the needles are inserted.

Dr. Ayesha Ebrahim completed the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program at McMaster University, where she was given proper training in safe insertion techniques, descriptive and functional neuroanatomy, anatomy and physiology.

What Conditions Can Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Treat?

The main clinical applications of medical acupuncture are the treatment of pain of the musculoskeletal and visceral origin. Medical acupuncture can treat and is not limited to:


Neck and back pain

Knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder pain


Sport injuries

Scars from previous surgeries/injuries


Wrist and hand pain

Muscle pain or strains




Scar tissue breakdown

Nerve pain, numbness and/or tingling

Frozen shoulder

Shin splints

Contact us at our Chestermere location to schedule an appointment and learn more about the benefits of this type of acupuncture.

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